The Ultimate Renewable™ Invitation to industry

Sunday, 8th Sep 2019

FWPA invites industry to join a new branding strategy - The Ultimate Renewable™

As research shows the importance of acting on climate change is increasing among Australian consumers at every level, there’s an exciting opportunity to promote wood – and the entire forestry supply chain – as part of the solution. The result of extensive industry consultation, The Ultimate Renewable™ is a new campaign that will be launched nationally, commencing in Melbourne on June 4th.

The first release of The Ultimate Renewable™ campaign materials will be available, free of charge, from Forest and Wood Products Australia’s (FWPA) website, The materials include a range of logos, designed for different sectors of the supply chain, and generic advertising artwork that can be branded with company logos.

To realise the potential value of The Ultimate Renewable™ campaign, it is worth looking at the process that developed it.

In 2016 Forest and Wood Products Australia (FWPA) convened the first of a series of workshops to address the issue of the social licence of the forest and wood products industry. The response from people attending was positive, although they recognised the traditional fragmentation of the industry was a potential impediment to communicating a united message to the wider public. 

A result that was confirmed by subsequent workshops and consultations, supported by the Federal Government and industry bodies. Howard Parry-Husbands, CEO of Sydney research firm Pollinate, who conducted the events, said that there was broad support for a communications campaign that spanned the whole industry, from growers through processors to wood product suppliers.

This was the challenge accepted by FWPA, as the industry’s services company, whose roles include promoting the industry in addition to research and development, providing industry statistics, developing building codes and standards and more.

“The proposal for the line The Ultimate Renewable™ originated from the industry consultation,” said Ric Sinclair, FPWA’s Managing Director, “the timing is fortunate in that consumers’ desire for action on climate change is increasing, the profile of engineered timber and mid-rise timber buildings is growing in the design and construction sectors and awareness of the advantages of biophilic, or nature-inspired, design is rising. Wood and the products of our forestry industry are ideally positioned to support these trends – and The Ultimate Renewable™ is a memorable summary of the benefits we deliver.”

Following the launch of the campaign, new television and online advertising will feature a 30 second spot, presented by Peter Maddison, award-winning architect and host of Grand Designs Australia. Linking wood, The Ultimate Renewable™, to other renewables such as wind farms and solar energy, the commercial continues FWPA’s long-running relationship with Planet Ark’s Make it Wood campaign.

“I encourage all industry participants, whatever your role or size, to get on board with The Ultimate Renewable™, use the logos and other materials wherever you can and help make Australia aware of the many benefits the forest and wood products industry can deliver to both current and future generations,” Mr Sinclair concluded.


Did you know?

94 million tonnes of carbon was present in wood and wood products in use in 2016, and 50 million tonnes of carbon in wood and wood products in landfill.