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Terms of Licence

Forest and Wood Products Australia Limited (FWPA) is the owner of all intellectual property rights, including but not limited to copyright and trade mark rights, in the Logos as defined below. As The Ultimate Renewable Program Partner, you are entitled to use The Ultimate Renewable brand logos in the ordinary course of business, relating to signage, sales and marketing communication in accordance with the following terms. Download [843 kb]

Misleading Claims Kit

This Kit will help you identify and act against misleading environmental claims which may be made to reduce the appeal of purchasing wood and wood products. It will also help you make legitimate environmental claims about wood and wood products. Download [590 kb]

The Ultimate Renewable Logo Usage Guidelines

These guidelines are provided to ensure The Ultimate RenewableTM logos are used consistently and correctly. The Ultimate RenewableTM logos may only be used in the form in which they are provided and with permission. Download [880 kb]


Did you know?

A total of 46 million hectares (35%) of Australia’s native forest is on land protected for biodiversity conservation, or where biodiversity conservation is a specified management intent.