The Ultimate Renewable™ Story 

We want to share the benefits of wood with the world and inspire you to think about the choices you make every day that benefit both people and planet. By increasing awareness of the sustainable benefits of wood through education and fact-based information, we hope to contribute to a better and safer world for future generations. 

When we say “Wood is sustainable” we mean that sustainable wood comes from sustainably managed forests that operate with the future in mind.

In Australia, Forestry workers manage wood products from planting to harvest. This reduces resource depletion, increases the amount of carbon dioxide removed from the atmosphere and increases the carbon dioxide stored in wood products.

At The Ultimate Renewable™ we aim to increase awareness of the sustainability of wood.

We highlight the natural advantages of wood, and its positive contribution to reducing the effects of climate change.

We provide research-backed information and facts about wood products, dispel misconceptions and filter through the fluff. We also connect you with sustainable materials and makers, helping you make responsible choices – for yourself, and the planet. We showcase the beauty and flexibility of wood products so that you can make sustainable choices.

We do this in three ways:

LIVE – ways to live with wood
Find out more about how wood products can make a healthy addition to your home, your wardrobe and your way of life. 

LIVE celebrates the intrinsic beauty and versatility of wood. Unveiling the work of artists, brands, and design, LIVE elevates the way you see wood, The Ultimate Renewable™ fitting into your life. 

MAKE – ways to make and create with wood
Meet experts and creators who work with certified sustainable wood. Get their advice on DIY with wood.

MAKE connects you with expert makers, giving you practical advice so you know how to make helpful choices, and bring the beauty of wood into your projects and creations. 

ACT – ways to act with the planet in mind
We believe that to make sustainable choices, you need to understand the facts. We invite you to broaden your understanding of how wood products fit in the landscape of sustainability.

ACT is a meeting place that inspires change, a place to grow and learn more about how to make conscious choices toward a sustainable future. 

Image of plant cells under microscope with vibrant greens and blues.

The Ultimate Renewable™ is a brand that is funded by Forest & Wood Products Australia (FWPA). FWPA is a not-for-profit industry services company –
sometimes referred to as a Rural Research and Development Corporation – funded by the Federal Government, member levies and research grants. FWPA invests in research and development in order to 
ensure positive environmental and social outcomes for the forest and wood products industry.