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Responsibly sourced wood and wood products are not just a beautiful and functional part of our everyday lives. They’re also renewable. They help us feel better by connecting with nature. They contribute to rural and regional economies.


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Join us in championing sustainability. We invite you to share the benefits of wood with the world and to help us inspire people to think about the choices they make every day that can benefit both people and planet.


When you buy clothes made from certified wood-based materials, you can be sure that the wood and fibre used in production come from sustainably managed forests. This means we're helping to preserve biodiversity, protect our environment, and mitigate deforestation.
Head to the link in our bio to read more about the impact of recycling wood on sustainability and resource conservation.
Your wooden living-room table has been a key player in the battle against climate change.
Not only are wood products stylish, but they also contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Trees absorb carbon dioxide, helping to remove this harmful gas from the atmosphere. By using wood to create furniture, we can make a positive impact on the environment.

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News & Events

After a successful campaign in 2022, FWPA’s The Ultimate Renewable™ 2023 campaign will launch in Canberra Airport on 31st of July and will go live across Australia on 20th August. The imagery in the new television commercial and campaign challenges the current consumer perceptions of forestry, showing harvested and then replanted trees to reinforce The […]

Forest & Wood Products Australia (FWPA) is gearing up to launch the highly anticipated The Ultimate Renewable™ 2023 campaign on a national scale, debuting on August 20th. Following a successful campaign in 2022, this year’s initiative aims to challenge consumer perceptions of the industry through powerful visual storytelling. The campaign’s centrepiece is a compelling television […]

Welcome to the new The Ultimate Renewable™ website. We can’t wait to show you around. This new website and its resources have been carefully designed with our members in mind. The launch of our new website coincides with the launch of the 2023 campaign and is a fantastic resource to help you promote The Ultimate […]