Responsible Wood on choosing sustainable wood products

Crafted wooden spoons and bowls resting on a counter top

Responsible Wood shares how making informed choices about the products we use has never been more critical. This article was written and originally published by the Responsible Wood team. It has been edited and published with permission. It is critical that we make choices that consider climate, biodiversity, and community empowerment. Sustainable forest products play […]

5 Questions to ask your home builder

Timber house frame

Many new homeowners just don’t know where to start when it comes to talking to their home builder about sustainability. We’ve put together a quick and easy list of questions to make that conversation easier. 1. Where do you source your materials? A great first question to ask your home builder is where they source […]

Imagine a world where all the forests were certified sustainable

Two rosellas sitting in a tree

Imagine a world where all the forest lands were protected and cared for. What do you see? Forests with healthy and protected biodiversity Biodiversity refers to the variety of living species on earth. Plants, animals, bacteria, and fungi included. Healthy biodiversity in forests plays a fundamental role in maintaining the health and functionality of ecosystems, […]

Accountability in fashion

Clothing on a rack

What do trees have to do with a sustainable fashion industry? Have you been thinking about the companies you buy from and how you can hold them accountable for making responsible decisions for the planet? Recent shifts in consumer behaviour indicate a growing emphasis on sustainability and ethical practices, with buyers increasingly favouring brands that […]

Circular economy – How does wood fit into the future? 

Linear Economy vs Circular Economy

The circular economy is a model that aims to minimise or do away with waste. The goal of the circular economy is to make the absolute most of available resources by promoting sustainability, reuse, recycling, and innovation.   In a perfect circular economy, forest and wood products play a crucial role by embracing sustainable and maintainable […]

Recycling wood

Four recycling bins lined up in a park

Learn about the impact of recycling wood on sustainability and resource conservation. Wood is a renewable resource We’ve asked this before, but did you know that wood is a renewable resource? Trees can be planted and regrown over and over again for generations to come. Choosing to recycle your wood items extends the life of […]

Watch our new TV campaign

Adam Dovile wearing PPE in a pine plantation as he looks up at the trees

Watch our latest TV campaign featuring our hugely popular brand ambassador, Adam Dovile.  Adam tells you all about choosing certified wood because it is beautiful, natural and enhances our feelings of wellbeing. Keep an eye out for the campaign running throughout top-rating programs such as The Block, Seven and Nine news and both AFL and NRL […]

Tackling climate change with wood

Carbon and the environment Wood is a naturally occurring part of our environment. Sustainably sourced wood a practical, renewable building material that also provides a wide range of benefits – from habitat to employment and from recreational activities to carbon sequestration. Here is what we mean by “tackling climate change with wood.” Carbon Storage  As […]

Mixing farms and forests

forest on farm

How growing plantation trees or forests on farms helps farmers, crops and livestock  Agroforestry is a new word for an old idea. It means a farm where livestock or crops are farmed alongside trees and shrubs. While the word was only coined in the 20th century, Indigenous Peoples around the world have been practicing agroforestry […]

One building, multiple lives: timber and the circular economy

When people talk about the ‘circular economy’ in construction, it can sound like the future: buildings that are designed to be taken apart at the end of their life and the materials re-used or recycled. But it’s already happening.  When he was a young builder, Robbie Neville wanted to transform more of the old materials […]