The Ultimate Renewable™ 2023 campaign: behind-the-scenes insights and filming with Adam Dovile

Backed with our research on audience perceptions and their responses to our campaign messaging, the Forest & Wood Products Australia (FWPA) Marketing & Communications team got to work filming our 2023 The Ultimate Renewable™ campaign and TV commerical.

We welcomed back our popular brand ambassador, Adam Dovile, at the Valley Reserve Play Space in Mount Waverly, VIC. Our talent that day was a group of children from Huntingtower School who were already at play on the timber adventure playground while we set up production. When the crew called “action” Adam performed his lines perfectly on cue. The team finished day one of shooting at a local building site nearby provided by the team at Henley. 

Adam Dovile keaning against timber frame on a building site while filiming the 2023 TV campaign.

On day two of shooting the team gathered at a home in Elwood with beautiful timber floors and furniture. Luckily, our graphic designer, who works on our campaign, had the perfect house for filming. Our research on messaging showed that people really resonated with the idea that after harvest, trees are replanted for future generations. Therefore, in this scene, we invited a mum and her two young children to filming to help convey our message. The team used time between cuts with Adam to record radio commercials. Listen up for those on your next drive. 

Our aim for this campaign was to communicate imagery of the entire forest and wood products cycle. Therefore, the final day of filming began with Adam and the team being welcomed by Hancock Victorian Plantations. Among the trees, Adam delivered the line: “By growing and using more certified wood, we can tackle climate change for future generations” and that was a wrap.

The whole team filing the 2023 The Ultimate Renewable™ campaign.

FWPA extends our thanks to Adam, the entire production team, and our members for their support during this exciting new campaign. We hope you enjoy it.

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