Adam Dovile on building site

Meet Adam Dovile – The Ultimate Renewable™ brand ambassador

With a big smile and a passion for sustainable building practices, Adam has been guiding and inspiring Australian audiences to build and improve their homes since 2014.  

As a builder, I’m passionate about encouraging people to explore the sustainable options in construction,” Adam said. “What’s great to see is the many architects, designers and specifiers already recognise the benefits of wood and embrace its use”.

Many will recognise Adam as a winner of House Rules and as the resident builder on Better Homes and Gardens, where he shares his creativity and expertise across big and small building projects. In 2016 Adam also won the Logie for Best New Talent as an established audience favourite. In June 2022, Adam joined The Ultimate Renewable™ as the brand ambassador to encourage the use of wood in Australian homes. 

On a personal level, Adam grew up in Melbourne in a close-knit hard-working Italian family. He spent his younger years working in his parents’ pizza shop and because he enjoyed working with his hands at school, he felt certain he should pursue a trade. He credits his choice to enter carpentry to a mechanic who took him on for work experience during high school. “He said to me, ‘Is there anything you love just as much as mechanics?’ and I responded ‘carpentry.’  He suggested I would be better off following a carpentry career as the mechanics business was changing,” Adam recalls. 

Since then, Adam has been a builder first and foremost. Before starting his own business, he qualified as a carpenter in 2005 and in 2011 he achieved his unlimited building license for domestic building. His focus was often extensions and renovations to help improve and evolve existing buildings. 

Inspiration and knowledge sharing was a key driver for him to step into television presenting. 

“I enjoy helping people to become inspired to renovate or make changes to their property – big or small. I like giving people the confidence and knowledge on how to fix up simple, minor and everyday problems that occur in the home so that they can take control and save costs of hiring a handyman”.

Adam likes to think creatively about space utilisation and encourage people to explore how their space can work better for their needs, regardless of lifestyle and budget. This includes practical ideas around green living, insulation and ways to utilise natural light to save on energy consumption and bills.

Evolving a space in a sustainable way comes with planning and a range of decisions. 

“It is important when deciding if you should build or renovate, how to approach the design stage and how to balance practical considerations with lifestyle needs. Wherever your inspiration is founded, it is important that you can picture what will really work in with your lifestyle.”

Supporting the charity ‘Habitat for Humanity’. In 2015 he travelled with his wife Lisa to Nepal to assist in building houses for up to 40 families living in a slum community.  “This project in Nepal empowered struggling families, via a tiny interest free loan, to own their homes.  It instils pride and relief for families who get a roof over their heads that they own.”

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