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Here’s a great chance to meet our new industry ambassador for Wood. The Ultimate Renewable™, Adam Dovile who will be appearing at the Bunnings Trade Expo in August. Joining our partners Timber Framing — The Ultimate Renewable™ on their exhibition stand in Melbourne and Sydney, you’ll have the chance to meet Adam and talk all things timber. […]

How wood can help councils to reduce carbon emissions and save money Across the country, local governments are increasingly looking at ways to improve their operations by initiating policies with results that include reducing their carbon footprints, maximising the effectiveness of their budgets, creating healthier environments and supporting their local communities. If Australian councils adopt […]

London’s Stadthaus in Murray Grove has achieved global recognition as the world’s tallest wooden residential structure. Now Melbourne’s Victoria Harbour at Docklands is poised to take the mantle with Forté. The tip of a woodberg, Forté is Australia’s first large CLT (cross laminated timber) building, however Lend Lease’s Australian CEO, Mark Menhinnitt anticipates that 30% […]

Wood’s inherent advantages: carbon storage, high thermal efficiency, light weight, availability plus modern manufacturing technology make it an attractive option for some surprising applications – such as multi-storey residential buildings. Discover Andrew Waugh’s story about the nine storeys of Stadthaus, known as Murray Grove Tower, the world’s tallest modern multi-residence timber building. Click here to see […]

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