The Ultimate Renewable™ 2023 campaign: redefining sustainability in forestry – find out about our journey and message

Forest & Wood Products Australia (FWPA) is gearing up to launch the highly anticipated The Ultimate Renewable™ 2023 campaign on a national scale, debuting on August 20th. Following a successful campaign in 2022, this year’s initiative aims to challenge consumer perceptions of the industry through powerful visual storytelling.

The campaign’s centrepiece is a compelling television commercial that showcases the journey of trees from seedlings to harvesting and replanting, reinforcing the core message of The Ultimate Renewable™. By showcasing the sustainable practices of the industry, The Ultimate Renewable™ seeks to reshape public understanding and emphasize the industry’s vital role in environmental sustainability.

To gauge the message’s impact, our research team adopted a comprehensive approach. The first phase involved conducting focus groups to delve into the initial perceptions of six different messages. This allowed us to gain valuable insights, recognizing both strengths and areas for improvement.

After analysing the focus group results, our research team identified the four message concepts that resonated most to be tested with the target audience.

When it comes to the forest and wood products industry, just over one in three feels that they have some or a complete understanding.​ Approximately 7 in 10 indicate that they would consider using wood for future renovation and building projects in Australia in the future.

We see that this perception is informed by the appeal of wood being seen as natural (53% selected as a key description), but natural does not equate to sustainability for some. Overall, our research showed that nearly two thirds of Australians (65%) perceived the industry as sustainable, but also showed that there were generational differences in these perceptions with one in four 18–34-year-olds believing that the industry is not sustainable. This finding showed that campaign really should concentrate on a younger audience and focus on educating and dispelling misconceptions.

All ads that were tested were effective in communicating the overall message with clarity and perceived importance, while also delivering new information to Australians. ​ The strength in the chosen message is that it felt transparent and offers a new perspective of wood that some may not have necessarily considered before which can help promote a positive image of wood products.

When asked about their intended actions after viewing the new campaign, our message was most effective in driving support towards having Australians make an effort to only purchase wood products that are sustainably sourced​.

At The Ultimate Renewable™ the aim is to always use research-based evidence and facts to communicate our cause and this year’s campaign is no different. We pointed to the most recent State of the Forests Report, research done by leading Australian wood scientists and FWPA’s own research on biophilia, wood and wellness.

The reach of the campaign will extend across multiple media channels, including free-to-air television, streaming video platforms, out-of-home advertising, radio, and social media. Adam Dovile, a popular figure in the building and television industry, will once again serve as the campaign’s ambassador and presenter.

While last year’s campaign focused mostly on wood as a superior building material, the 2023 campaign takes a broader approach. It showcases the entire lifecycle of forestry, from seedlings to final products, while emphasizing the transgenerational benefits of choosing wood. Through captivating visuals featuring forestry landscapes and children in wood-rich environments, the campaign conveys the crucial role of certified wood in tackling climate change for the benefit of future generations.

Prepare to be inspired by FWPA’s The Ultimate Renewable™ 2023 campaign as it unfolds on August 20th, creating awareness and fostering a deeper understanding of the sustainable forestry industry and its impact on our planet’s future.

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