Watch our latest TV campaign featuring our hugely popular brand ambassador, Adam Dovile.  Adam tells you all about choosing certified wood because it is beautiful, natural and enhances our feelings of wellbeing. Keep an eye out for the campaign running throughout top-rating programs such as The Block, Seven and Nine news and both AFL and NRL […]

Carbon and the environment Wood is a naturally occurring part of our environment. Sustainably sourced wood a practical, renewable building material that also provides a wide range of benefits – from habitat to employment and from recreational activities to carbon sequestration. Here is what we mean by “tackling climate change with wood.” Carbon Storage  As […]

How growing plantation trees or forests on farms helps farmers, crops and livestock  Agroforestry is a new word for an old idea. It means a farm where livestock or crops are farmed alongside trees and shrubs. While the word was only coined in the 20th century, Indigenous Peoples around the world have been practicing agroforestry […]

When people talk about the ‘circular economy’ in construction, it can sound like the future: buildings that are designed to be taken apart at the end of their life and the materials re-used or recycled. But it’s already happening.  When he was a young builder, Robbie Neville wanted to transform more of the old materials […]

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