The Ultimate Renewable™ 2023 campaign: redefining sustainability in forestry – find out about our journey and message

Forest & Wood Products Australia (FWPA) is gearing up to launch the highly anticipated The Ultimate Renewable™ 2023 campaign on a national scale, debuting on August 20th. Following a successful campaign in 2022, this year’s initiative aims to challenge consumer perceptions of the industry through powerful visual storytelling. The campaign’s centrepiece is a compelling television […]

Welcome to the new The Ultimate Renewable™

Welcome to the new The Ultimate Renewable™ website. We can’t wait to show you around. This new website and its resources have been carefully designed with our members in mind. The launch of our new website coincides with the launch of the 2023 campaign and is a fantastic resource to help you promote The Ultimate […]

Explore exciting careers with wood

Are you someone who appreciates the beauty and versatility of wood? Are you passionate about preserving and managing our natural resources? If so, a career in working with wood or forestry might be a perfect fit.  Additionally, a career in forestry allows you to play a vital role in the sustainable management of our forests. […]

Easy ways to upskill your woodworking DIY

Up your skills for woodworking DIY projects We’d all like a wise old granddad who showed us how to use a hand plane and drill, but most of us weren’t that lucky. It’s never too late to learn and there are more resources out there to help you get on the tools than ever before, […]

Easy DIY wood repairs

Easy DIY wood repairs you can do at home with minimal skills and materials. These three wood repairs require no expertise and use materials you probably already have. Sticking doors The close fit between your timber door and frame is why wood has a natural advantage when it comes to insulation, but they can sometimes […]

Business Feature: Among the Trees

How four friends started a sustainable business with leftover timbers Those piles of timber you see outside demolition sites can be a bit of an eyesore. To Sara Buchner, Elizabeth Duck-Chong, Luke Mitchell and Peter Jorgensen, they were the inspiration for a business, Among the Trees.  “The four of us realised that all that wood […]

Forest fashion – would you wear wood fibre?

woman facing backward wearing Tencel fabric shirt dress

Check your labels, you may already be wearing a garment made from wood fibre. Viscose/rayon, Lyocell/Tencel, modal and several other types of fabric are almost always made of yarn spun from wood fibres. A small percentage is made of bamboo, soy or sugar cane and a smaller again portion from recycled clothing. Wood-based fabric is […]

Timeless, sustainable style is just one of the benefits of wood

You know the feeling: walking into a room that just works. It feels welcoming and appealing, and you want to spend time there. It’s ‘the aesthetic’, but unironically. Whatever that room’s specific style, it will almost always contain wood. Wooden floors, furniture, cladding and accessories are all mainstays of interior design, with good reason. The […]

Discover the enduring allure of wooden furniture: 6 key advantages to consider

Wooden furniture has been a staple in homes for centuries, and for good reason. Its timeless appeal, coupled with a range of benefits, makes it a popular choice for interior design. Here are five key advantages of timber furniture that make it a worthwhile investment for any home or space looking for a nature-connected feel […]

Building a mindful home with natural materials

Can wood improve your mental wellbeing and help you be more mindful at home? Do you feel busier than ever? In our fast-paced lives, finding the time to engage in activities that support our mental wellbeing can be a source of stress in and of itself. Spending time in nature has proven benefits, including lower […]