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Meet Adam Dovile

Thursday, 16th Jun 2022

Adam has been guiding, advising and showing Australian audiences how a builder gets the best results in any space since 2014.  First as the winner of House Rules and then as the Resident Builder on Better Homes and Gardens, Adam shares his creativity and expertise in... Read more

Working With Wood

Thursday, 16th Jun 2022

Careers in the wood industry From forestry to carpentry, there are a wide range of careers open to people who are interested in working with wood. The wood industry is a substantial contributor to the Australian economy and it both directly and indirectly employs hundreds... Read more

Carbon & Environment

Wednesday, 15th Jun 2022

Wood is a naturally occurring part of our environment. Sustainably sourced wood is our only practical, renewable building material that also provides a wide range of benefits –from habitat to employment and from recreational activities to carbon... Read more

Five Advantages of Wooden Furniture

Tuesday, 14th Jun 2022

Five advantages of wooden furniture There is no household area that doesn’t suit the warmth, richness, comfort and finesse of wooden furniture. Tables, chairs, bed frames, shelves, chests of drawers, cupboards and even ornaments—the advantages of wooden furniture in... Read more

Discover the mindfulness of wood at home

Thursday, 9th Jun 2022

Want a more mindful home? Start with wood! The relaxing interior of Cabin 2 - courtesy of Madisson Architects Australians lead busy lives, and with most of us now owning a smartphone, much of our day is spent looking at screens. We’re desperate to relax and unwind when... Read more

Design and Build with Wood

Saturday, 16th Apr 2022

Wood is one of the most appealing materials at an architect or designer’s finger tips. Wood is versatile, renewable, attractive and cost effective. It’s also flexible enough to create anything from strikingly innovative designs to simple, economical structures. In a... Read more

Virtual reality takes school children on the renewable forestry journey

Monday, 17th Jan 2022

Virtual reality takes school children on the renewable forestry journey Teachers from across the country were recently given the opportunity to experience and learn about innovative virtual reality (VR) teaching resources developed by ForestLearning, a program of... Read more

The Ultimate Renewable™ Campaign delivering results

Monday, 9th Sep 2019

Wood’s renewable benefits shared with millions of Australians thanks to The Ultimate Renewable campaign With still another one and a half months to go, The Ultimate RenewableTM consumer campaign by Forest and Wood Product Australia (FWPA) has reached... Read more

The Ultimate Renewable™ Invitation to industry

Sunday, 8th Sep 2019

FWPA invites industry to join a new branding strategy - The Ultimate Renewable™ As research shows the importance of acting on climate change is increasing among Australian consumers at every level, there’s an exciting opportunity to promote wood – and the entire... Read more

The Ultimate Renewable™ Advertising Campaign Creates New Opportunities

Sunday, 8th Sep 2019

The Ultimate Renewable™ message is resonating with industry and consumers – are you on board? Wood: The Ultimate Renewable™ advertising campaign has moved from the initial TV and outdoor activity to a broader online advertising and content phase. Top line results from... Read more


Did you know?

A government report showed there is no evidence proving that harvesting timber from native forests has reduced overall forest biodiversity or led to the extinction of any species of plant or animal.